Katherine is an Associate Consultant, who joined the DIXON team last year as a Planning Intern. She recently graduated from the University of Washington with her Master of Public Administration. Her DIXON contributions and experience have been extensive, and she has supported data analysis, municipal code updates, and project implementation.

For the City of Paso Robles, Katherine provided detailed monthly data analysis including occupancy and turnover rates throughout the City’s downtown on-street and off-street parking areas. The data analysis has allowed the City to make compelling and data-driven decisions to support the decision to implement paid parking. Katherine’s direct support has included updating municipal code ordinances to support parking management strategies, continuing outreach and education efforts with residents, merchants, employees, and visitors, and establishing dedicated employee parking locations. Now that Paso Robles is in the process of implementing on-street paid parking downtown, Katherine has helped coordinate the launch through vendor management and community outreach.

Katherine developed and outlined the complete restructuring plan for the municipal codes for National City (CA) for both parking and transportation-related policies, including introducing and incorporating micro-mobility policies (i.e., dockless bikes & scooters). With National City’s opportunity to start from a blank slate, Katherine provided a logical and comprehensive outline to effectively manage and “future-proof” the City’s municipal code.

For the Town of Truckee, Katherine is the acting project manager. Her role includes coordinating the launch of a pilot program introducing mobile payment and 2 hours of free parking, followed by paid parking in the Town’s Railyard Parking Lot. She will also be conducting data analysis for on-street and off-street occupancy and turnover, and developing the Parking Action Plan to provide immediate and future recommendations for Town.