One of our key business objectives is to support our clients with the development of their customized parking technology roadmap and, most critically, defining their current and future parking and transportation needs. Our approach will introduce a roadmap plan that will allow for incremental investments as demand for parking in different areas grows and becomes evident. We will provide guidance to ensure that the operational solutions incorporate open design standards that can be scaled to the Agency and adapted for future growth and development areas. The entire solution will always consider the end user experience and the overall accountability of the
parking system. Based upon the data collected and industry comparisons, DIXON will also provide recommendation on ways to develop more parking options along with other parking alternatives.

DIXON recognizes that technology costs money. It is our job to quantify the costs of the current operation along with forecasting the fiscal impacts of any recommended solutions. Our specific areas of expertise include on-street and off-street parking, technology solutions, stakeholder engagement, operation plans and policy development for growing cities. Our experience and resources have a proven track record of identifying management, operational and technology improvements that have assisted cities in evolving their parking programs into sustainable, cost-effective entities while avoiding any deterrent to the City’s appeal.

There is no other consulting firm that matches our familiarity of current and developing parking solutions along with our understanding of the technology integration features and adaptability.

You may contract with us through the NCPA. Check us out on their website here!