Rapid LPR Tool

Powering your data-driven solutions

Parking studies made easy

The Rapid LPR Tool converts data from mobile license plate recognition (LPR) camera systems—even data collected during regular enforcement patrols—into valuable parking performance data. This means you will see results from wherever you go, whenever.

Mobile LPR is now a tool for conducting efficient and accurate parking studies. Our customers use the Rapid LPR Tool to understand parking occupancy and length of stay trends, identify repeat parking patterns, and evaluate enforcement coverage.

Calculating the Curb

The Rapid LPR Tool anonymizes license plate data and calculates valuable results:

  • Occupancy – Percentage of parking spaces occupied.
  • Length of Stay – Duration and turnover results.
  • Repeat Plates – Identification of re-parking on the same day or across days.
  • Coverage – Where, when, and how data was collected.
  • Enforcement – Enforcement coverage by officer and vehicle.