September 6, 2022

Dixon Resources Unlimited welcomes new team members Ben Verdugo and Alex Gayte

Ben Verdugo joins DIXON as a Senior Associate with a comprehensive background in managing mobility and parking projects for the City of San Diego. He holds a Master of City Planning degree from San Diego State University and has abundant expertise in project management, budgeting, and stakeholder engagement. He completed various parking and mobility projects on curb-space management, augmenting parking availability, managing parking demand, and promoting multi-modal initiatives in his role as Program Manager for the Community Parking District and Shared Mobility Device programs.

Ben managed on-street parking projects in impacted areas thanks to his background working on the Community Parking District Program for the City of San Diego. In 2021, he worked with Pacific Beach to approve the construction of a parking meter zone, requiring close collaboration between the public, community organizations, the city council, and various city departments. Ben’s further work with the City of San Diego included the creation of meter zones in San Diego’s Downtown and Mid-City neighborhoods.

Ben brings exceptional experience in the parking industry to DIXON, and his knowledge of municipal operations provides thoughtful insights for our projects. We are particularly keen on his work with off-street and garage operations and look forward to him sharing his proficiency with our clients.

Alex Gayte is joining DIXON as a Project Coordinator with several years of experience managing parking and mobility data acquisition and analysis projects. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Geography at the University of Washington, where his interest in the transportation industry began. As a parking professional, Alex brings extensive project management, business development, and data analysis expertise to the DIXON team.

As a Project Manager for IDAX Data Solutions, Alex led a team that collected and contextualized meaningful transportation data for clients and stakeholders, creating action plans to ensure customers reached their strategic and financial objectives while building and maintaining strong client relationships. His past projects include city- and county-wide data collection that directly influenced the development of local transportation programs, including many large traffic studies for the City of Seattle.

DIXON has several exciting data projects in the works, and Alex has jumped on board to support. During his first week of employment, he was on-site in the Southern California region to lead a data collection project for our client. Alex’s data science background will be a valuable asset for all DIXON projects.

Dixon Resources Unlimited is a consulting firm specializing in municipal parking, transportation, and mobility solutions. DIXON’s uniquely-qualified team specializes in supporting municipal parking and mobility programs across the country, consistently proving its ability to identify and implement operations, management, and technology recommendations to transition municipal parking operations to long-term, sustainable programs.

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