August 30, 2022

DIXON Congratulates Cameron Clark and Kellie Dugdale – NPA’s 2022 Class of 40 Under 40!

Dixon Resources Unlimited (DIXON), is proud to announce the induction of Cameron Clark and Kellie Dugdale into the National Parking Association’s (NPA) 2022 Class of 40 Under 40. 

Cameron Clark – 40 Under 40

Cameron thrives in his current role as Data Analyst for Dixon Resources Unlimited, demonstrating his expertise in parking operations, data collection, and analysis. Throughout his career, he has directly managed hundreds of parking studies, and he currently leads all of DIXON’s data-related projects. Cameron also manages the operations and development of DIXON’s Rapid License Plate Recognition (LPR) Tool, which utilizes mobile LPR data to produce parking occupancy, turnover, and officer analysis. The results of Cameron’s projects are yielding exciting advancements for the future and his attention to detail, creative problem solving, and dedication to his projects continues to raise the bar for the parking industry.

Kellie Dugdale – 40 Under 40

Kellie is a rising star in the parking industry, flourishing in her current role as an Associate with Dixon Resources Unlimited. Her DIXON contributions include supporting multiple cities through specification development, stakeholder outreach, operational assessments, parking studies, and on-call support. Kellie began her career in the parking industry with a strong interest in equitability and enhanced access for everyone through improved parking policies. Growing up with her sister, who is in a wheelchair, Kellie knows firsthand, that equal rights and fairness are not always at the forefront of parking policies. Kellie plans to permanently change this reality for the next generation. Kellie’s enthusiasm, accomplishments, and contributions will continue to provide a strong foundation as she forges her way and makes a name for herself in the parking industry.

DIXON is proud to have two of its knowledgeable and esteemed team members honored by NPA, and we look forward to their continued growth and contributions to this industry. You can find a complete list of NPA’s 2022 Class of 40 Under 40 at the link below.

NPA 2022 Class of 40 Under 40

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