Emily Kwatinetz is an Associate Consultant who has supported projects ranging from parking and mobility studies to detailed implementation plans. Through operational audits, data analysis, stakeholder outreach, and the development of strategic recommendations, she has a track record of comprehensive support for a variety of municipalities. Emily graduated cum laude from UC San Diego with a degree in Urban Studies and Planning and minor in Political Science. She was recently inducted into the National Parking Association’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2018.

Emily has gained extensive experience with DIXON supporting numerous projects during her tenure, including project support for the the City of Palo Alto. For Palo Alto, Emily worked to collect and analyze license plate recognition data, and she produced a series of occupancy heat maps to highlight problem parking areas. Based on the heat maps, Emily developed a tiered parking rate and time limit structure to address the various areas throughout the downtown with high occupancy rates. She also made recommendations to prepare the City for future growth, including active monitoring, transportation demand management, walkability, car sharing, and employee mobility strategies.

For the City of Riverside Strategic Parking Plan, Emily’s work included data analysis for on- and off-street parking utilization, data visualization, and the development of strategic recommendations with an implementation plan. Extensive stakeholder engagement helped shape the recommendations to fit the public’s needs, so the recommended rate structures and technology were widely supported by both the community and the City Council members.

Emily assumed the project lead position with National City, developing a Comprehensive Parking Management Plan to prepare the City for future growth and propose recommendations for enforcement, parking supply, parking ratios, shared parking, and technology. The final stage of the project was the development of a Parking Action Plan to walk the City through the necessary steps to prepare for paid parking. Emily helped coordinate the upcoming implementation of an automated permit management system with the City’s current citation processing vendor, and she coordinated vendor demonstrations for the City to explore the use of license plate recognition technology and other integrated solutions.

Recently, as the project lead for the Town of Springdale, Emily developed innovative solutions for the Town’s unique challenges and limitations. Her recommendations will help address shared parking, wayfinding technology, residential parking impacts, and the overall technology solution. With DIXON’s support, the Town is implementing a paid parking technology pilot near the entrance to Zion National Park. Emily’s recommendations will help give the Town the tools to effectively implement and manage a comprehensive paid parking solution to address the millions of visitors that visit the small Town each year.

In an ongoing project with the County of Maui, Emily is developing recommendations for both Lahaina Town and Wailuku Town. While both Towns fall under the jurisdiction of the County, each Town has very unique parking and mobility challenges that will be strategically addressed through individualized implementation plans. Emily also developed financial modeling workbooks to be used as a tool to forecast equipment and operating costs as well as projected revenue for the implementation of paid parking. Emily is helping Lahaina Town prepare for her recommendations through an ordinance review, including recommendations for permit programs, shared parking, and enforcement technology. Meanwhile, as Wailuku Town prepares for a major downtown development project, her recommendations and analysis will influence the planning process for the structure and the overall parking and mobility solutions within the Town.