Software Integration

DIXON offers an enterprise-wide maintenance, collection and asset tracking system that was designed and customized for municipal parking and transportation programs. It is a management solution that provides remote field access, low cost data entry and accessible records management, regardless of the type of technology used in the field. The software tool was developed specifically for municipalities to centralize the management and reporting of their parking and transportation operations. Based upon our experience working with (and for) various agencies, there are typically a hybrid of different technology and hardware solutions deployed throughout a single operation.

The software integration solution provides the opportunity to integrate the infrastructure into a single point of contact – one location for reporting and management of the operation.
Whether using mechanical or smart parking meters, antiquated garage equipment, tracking sign inventory or managing spare parts, the objective of the software integration solution is to receive and report real-time maintenance, asset tracking, and collection tracking from the respective vendor systems operated by the Agency. The solution provides a number of specialized solutions to support the operational needs of a municipality, including but not limited to:

  • A centralized reporting and performance analysis for all of the Agency’s parking assets, including the following information categories: financial, asset status, equipment outages, parking transactions and maintenance events
  • A management-level dashboard system that displays overview data by category and geographic orientation. The system provides drill-down capability for data evaluation.
  • Work order and work completed features for field maintenance, shop maintenance, and collection maintenance operations.
  • The ability to track and manage the inventory stock on hand and the parts that should be carried with the automation of work codes, workflow, distribution, and the usage of inventory.
  • The ability to track and manage collection events and assets, including cash boxes.

A number of cities have successfully deployed the software solution and are currently expanding the service profile into other divisions within their operation. For more information, contact