Rapid LPR Report

The Rapid LPR Report was developed as an opportunity to maximize an underutilized asset – license plate recognition (LPR) data.

The Rapid LPR Report does not require specialized collection routes. All of your LPR data is translated to your defined specification (i.e. block face, zone, region). The Rapid LPR Report can graphically represent your occupancy to the block face and provide historical comparisons to previously collected data. The results will showcase average occupancy by day of the week and time of day, in addition to the amount of parking space turnover by the total number of observations, length of stay and by day of the week.

The Rapid LPR Report can provide justification for curb management improvements including policy adjustments, dynamic rate changes and time limits. The use of all LPR data will provide an ongoing understanding of spillover parking impacts and a confirmation of re-parking issues that are likely impacting your commercial parking areas. Dedicated parking occupancy data collection will no longer be required, and rather than relying upon traditional data sampling for policy recommendations, you can leverage your existing LPR technology and an untapped wealth of LPR data to evaluate a consistent representation of parking throughout your community.