October 7, 2020

Julie Dixon Recognized as 2020 Women in Parking IMPACT Award Finalist

Throughout the last 30 years, Julie has dedicated herself to advancing women in leadership. In addition to guiding her colleagues and parking and transportation peers on a daily basis, she has mentored countless juniors and young women in the industry, working one-on-one with her own, majority-women employees to advance personal development and career-oriented goals, including continuing education. A fierce advocate for female inclusion and opportunity across the industry, Julie volunteers her personal time and resources to the community. She has led the charge to foster inclusion, diversity, and leadership development for her company and beyond.

In 2012, Julie founded Dixon Resources Unlimited, a woman-owned business, with the goal of providing best-in-class parking solutions for municipal customers. Under Julie’s leadership and personal direction, the DIXON team has grown to 10 full-time staff, majority-women, and has supported hundreds of municipal projects across the country, including award-winning programs in Seal Beach, San Leandro, Laguna Beach, and Paso Robles.

Throughout her career, Julie has fostered inclusion at every level of the parking community and distinguished herself as a leading voice and source of knowledge for industry professionals. She has served on several boards, including the California Public Parking Association, and completed three years as President of the Southwest Parking and Transportation Association.

Day in and day out, Julie rolls up her sleeves to solve the hard problems in parking. She builds consensus through productive discussions, lends a supportive hand, and sets a leadership example for both her women employees and the industry as a whole. Julie has devoted her life’s work to improving parking programs, and her passion and drive are truly exceptional.

We are proud to recognize Julie’s positive impact within the parking industry and celebrate her achievements. You can find more information on the 2020 IMPACT Award and Finalists at https://weareparking.org/page/WIP_AdvanceCareer .

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