February 13, 2020

Paso Robles Parking Program

After only a few weeks of operation, Paso Robles Police Commander Caleb Davis says the new parking program in downtown Paso Robles is producing results. Davis says the number of available parking spaces has increased dramatically, and that has stimulated business at downtown retail stores.

Dixon Parking Consultants identified an issue with employees parking around the downtown city park. One local theater manager said most of the spaces around the park were filled before businesses even opened. After creating employee parking lots and trying other programs to encourage employees to park out of downtown, the parking kiosks went into operation in mid-August. Already, they’re having an impact.

Parking Ambassador Donna King says she has written about 275 warnings, but so far, no parking fines. The intent is to educate visitors to downtown Paso Robles. She says those who receive warnings may receive $33 fines if their car is parked a second or third time without the license being entered in the kiosk.

For those who stay fewer than two hours, parking is free. Motorists can enter their car license number in the kiosk, and if they choose, they may opt out of entering a credit card number.

The parking regulations currently do not apply on Saturday or Sunday, although that may change in the future.

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