May 2, 2019

DIXON Promotes Emily Kwatinetz to Senior Associate

Dixon Resources Unlimited is pleased to announce the promotion of Emily Kwatinetz to Senior Associate. Emily has been with DIXON for three years, managing projects ranging from parking and mobility studies to parking program implementations. Through operational audits, ordinance updates, specification developments, and vendor management, she demonstrates a track record of comprehensive support for a variety of municipalities, earning her recognition as one of the National Parking Association’s “40 Under 40” Class of 2018. Emily has traveled around the world for DIXON, consistently proving her ability to identify and implement operations, management, and technology recommendations for diverse customers.

Emily pioneered a framework for organizing step-by-step guidelines specifically designed for each community. Branding her approach as a Parking “Action” Plan rather than a Parking “Management” Plan, she empowers her customers with the tools needed to transform their parking and mobility goals into specific, actionable, and ready-to-implement solutions.

Emily has addressed a diverse range of operational and stakeholder priorities, transforming the parking experience in municipalities across the country. The City of Paso Robles, for example, introduced Emily to the challenge of managing a public parking system without time limits or paid parking in the downtown core. By launching a customized employee parking permit pilot program and license plate recognition technology, she empowered stakeholders with key data to evaluate and define the need for additional parking management strategies. 

Emily’s experience in Los Angeles Council District 4 incorporated a significant level of community outreach and stakeholder engagement where homeowner associations and neighborhood councils were impacted in a variety of ways. Her project approach allowed the City to build consensus for recommendations to improve access, safety, and mobility around the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park. As a result of her work, the City formed an interdepartmental committee to evaluate the recommendations, and they have begun the process of implementing DIXON’s solutions.

In the County of Maui where limited parking supply, high demand for waterfront parking, and tourism impacts create unique parking challenges, Emily stepped in to deliver a customized solution. She developed individualized implementation plans for the Towns of Lahaina and Wailuku where the solutions for enforcement, wayfinding, and mobility varied despite the proximity of the two towns.

Emily commits herself to utilizing her urban planning background and implementation experience when developing customized solutions for each of the communities that engage DIXON’s expertise. With her recent move to Seattle, she is excited to get more involved with parking operations and associations in the region. As she looks to the future, she hopes to leverage her experience to train new team members, strengthen DIXON’s core services, and continue to grow her understanding of the variety of vendor technology solutions that assist DIXON’s customers.

Dixon Resources Unlimited is a consulting firm that specializes in municipal parking, transportation, and mobility solutions. DIXON’s uniquely-qualified team specializes in supporting municipal parking and mobility programs across the country, reliably proving its ability to assess, design, build, and operate successful parking programs.

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