April 2, 2016

Southwest Parking & Transportation Association

Julie Dixon |President | Dixon Resources Unlimited


As a recent SWPTA member and conference sponsor, I would like to be considered for a Board position. After attending the conference, I was very motivated by the positive direction of the association and was extremely impressed by the camaraderie of the group. I am someone who always puts in the extra effort, just like your current Board members. At the conference, it was apparent how involved and engaged your Board members are and it made me wish that I had been there from the beginning (but now is my chance to further the cause). Lastly, I have been elected as the 2014 CPPA Consultant Representative and believe that by serving on both the SWPTA & CPPA Boards, it could be a good opportunity to further expand your inter-association approach to providing training and webinar programs that was discussed at the conference. Please consider Julie Dixon for a SWPTA Board position.

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